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Great Battles of World War II

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Publisher: Parragon
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Description This fascinating book contains 30 of the most famous land, air and sea battles and invasions of the Second World War. Starting with the first invasion at Westerplatte in 1939 and ending with the Pacific landing at Okinawa in 1945, Dunkirk, the Battle of Britain, El Alamein, D-Day, Pearl Harbour and Iwo Jima are also included to name but a few. Each battle entry includes a fact box and location map, together with a historical overview, details of the war campaign and battle tactics used by those involved. There is also a full colour, 2D illustration of the battle from a bird's eye view, showing the terrain that the battle took place in, the difficulties faced because of rivers and mountains etc., and how the each of the armies lined up and then maneuvered into positions of attack.