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The Arab Spring

Paper Back
Ishtiyaque Danish
Publisher: Pigeon Books
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Description About the Book: The Arab Spring The Arab Spring is the story of a rich Saudi family that succeeds in solving its complex problems both at home and abroad through adjustment and accomodation. The journey from monoculturalism is full of turns and twists which have been descibed is readable English. Samia, the beautiful mother of five children, suddenly discovers that her otherwise loving husband has married a second woman. As iron cuts iron, she employs Shariah to counter her husband's Shariah-based arguments and decides to save her husband's Shariah-based arguments and decides to save her children from the bad effect of his second marrieage by shifting to Lodon. While in schools and colleges, the children are confronted with a host of problems, including Hijab, dance, drinking and free sex. All, except Unaiza, succeed to maintain a balance between the two worlds of Riyadh and London. Unaiza, however, takes to dancing in the company of spoiled Arab youth who are intent on teacring her virginity. Will they succeed? To know the answer read the readable, The Arab Spring.